Coffee Talk #235: Strong Girl Summer


It’s time to build energy, strength, and confidence. You DESERVE to feel your best.For now, all options are virtual.

I have a variety of options:

💪🏻 STRONG (limited equipment)

🏋🏻‍♀️ STRONG (with weights/equipment)

🩰 Barre STRONG

🧘‍♂️ Yoga STRONG

🏃‍♀️ Cardio STRONG

☀️Mix ‘n’ Match STRONG

With each program, you get an outline, anywhere from 2-7 custom workouts a week, and options like daily check-ins, weekly check-ins, and more.

These packages are super customizable to allow you to train ANYtime, ANYwhere.

Cost varies based on program and level of support needed. Please schedule a 15 minute discovery call – a phone or zoom chat with me – to learn more.

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Coffee Talk #234: 5 Favorite Fitness Items

It’s FAVORITES month at FWA and I want to share some of my favorite things!

Today’s topic: Top 5 Fitness Items

I love sharing my favorites in fitness. After 12 years in the fitness profession, I’ve had the opportunity to try a lot of gear and test-drive a lot of fitness tools. All of these items are in my regular rotation (read: daily) and none of these things are sponsored items. These are 100% my favorite fitness things at the moment!

  1. Best Black Leggings. I’m on a mission to find the BEST black leggings. Right now, my two top styles (aka the ones I’m always hunting for in my drawer of black leggings) are Lululemon Align and Athleta Elation Crop. I’m also loving Old Navy Elevate and Powersoft. I like high-waisted and zero compression.
  1. Body Wipe by Hustle Clean. These wipes are ESSENTIAL to those who live dual professional lives. Teaching a class (or attending a class) and have to clean up to be cute for an awards night? Grab a wipe. Teaching two classes and need to feel fresh in between? Grab a wipe. Hiking all day and then driving 2-3 hours home and don’t want to smell yourself the whole way? Grab a wipe. I love the thickness of these wipes, how clean they smell, and how well they clean you until you can get to a shower.
  1. Lilly Pulitzer Tumbler with Straw. I’m a big fan of easy access to hydration during a workout. I’m slightly obsessed with reusable straws, so it’s no surprise that I have a few of these pretty tumblers. I’m a proponent of any little trick that gets you to drink more water before, during, and after a workout.
  1. Headbands. This became sort of a trademark during the height of the stay-at-home order last year. I’d start a live workout class and one of the first comments would be something like “I love that headband!” I love coordinating my fitness gear with accessories and headbands are my favorite fitness accessory. I love basic Scunci headbands, both the half and the full Natural Life Boho Bandeaus, and I absolutely love these locally-made Lake and Hudson headbands. In my crazy running races days, Ioved rocking Sparkly Soul headbands.
  1. Favorite Sneakers. I have been through so many brands of sneakers for a variety of activities—Mizuno, New Balance. Asics, Adidas, Brooks, Under Armour, and I always come back to Nike. I’ve been fitted three different times for the ‘best’ sneaker, but I’ve found that actually wearing them and using them works best. My go-to shoe for all the things right now are the Nike Air Zoom Pegaus 37 for running and walking and Nike Air Zoom Fearless Flyknit for training/aerobics.

What fitness items are you loving right now?

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Coffee Talk #233: Enneagram 101

It’s FWA FAVORITES month at FWA and I want to share some of my favorite things!

Today’s topic: Enneagram 101

What is the enneagram?

The enneagram is a system of personality typing that describes patterns of how individuals interpret the world and manage their emotions.

Tell me more.

The enneagram is a 9-pointed figure that consists of three centers of intelligence, nine main types, and three subtypes. Overall, the enneagram raises our self-awareness and helps to uncover patterns of behavior that drive and motivate us.

What’s my number?

There are several tests that you can take to determine your number. They range from free to paid tests. There are even enneagram coaches who can chat with you about your number, subtype, wing, and more.

Why do I have more than one number?

Sometimes, when you take an enneagram test, you’ll get two numbers that score the same. Everyone exhibits pieces of each type, to a certain degree. If you score closely on two numbers, I’d take another test or do some digging into each type. The one that resonates with you is your number.

Let’s chat about that for a moment – the one that resonates with the REAL you is your number. Not the you that you share with others. The you that is true when you’re all alone. The enneagram is you—your actions and reactions.

Talk to me about wings and tritypes.

In addition to your main number, or type, there are some other numbers on the ‘gram that become important. First, your wing. Looking at the enneagram figure, your wing possibilities are the numbers immediately surrounding your main number. For example, as an 8, my wing possibilities are 7 and 9.

Once you determine your main type, now it’s time to dig into your wing possibility. This is your secondary type. An 8w7 is different than an 8w9. Your wing is your secondary number, so you also tend to take on the qualities of that number.

There are also tritypes and subtypes, and even more. Tritypes represent your number on each major center of intelligence on the enneagram. There is EMOTION (2, 3, 4), HEAD (5, 6, 7) and GUT (8, 9, 1). This represents your immediate reaction—what you rely on for your actions and reactions the most.

Subtypes are your instinctual centers. There is self-preservation, social, and 1:1. These are the basic instinctual drives that are essential for human experience. There are 27 total subtypes.

Why use the enneagram?

I love the enneagram as a framework of understanding. What makes a person tick? What motivates someone? It’s incredibly interesting when fitness clients share their enneagram numbers with me. I’m able to create a deeper understanding of their patterns and behaviors and also build a better understanding of clients.

I can see immense benefits to utilizing the enneagram in a work group – it can help reduce criticism and judgement, enhance business procedures, and create a stronger bonded working group. When you understand where people are coming from, it makes it better to work with them. Some individuals will always be difficult but knowing their motivations and habits can shed light to their way of thinking, their reactions, and their overall work style.

What I love about the enneagram:

Instead of boxing people in like many self-assessments, the enneagram opens a pathway to greater self-awareness. It reveals what might hold us back and offers an understanding of why we act and react the way we do.

Cautions with the enneagram:

This is a learning tool. It’s not a shield nor a sword. You cannot hide behind your number, instead it’s something that informs you of who you are at the core. It’s a chance to understand yourself and a chance to be the best version of yourself.

How can I learn more?

Here are some of my favorite resources:

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Coffee Talk #232: A 5k Giveaway

It’s MAY! May is my favorite month – we’re well into spring, the weather generally cooperates, and it’s BIRTHDAY MONTH! Yes, month. Yes, I’m 35 and my birthday is a BIG DEAL. I like to celebrate all month.

I want to kick-off May with a GIVEAWAY!

The first race I ever participated in was a half marathon in Chestertown. That should tell you everything you need to know about me – I wanted to go BIG for that first race. I had never run before in my life and I was not an athlete as a kid. I was determined to run a race on my quest to lose weight and build confidence!

Even though it seems daunting, I love the idea of a BIG goal like a half marathon. It takes time – I trained for weeks and weeks and consistently got up before 5 a.m. to get long runs in the morning. I loved training toward a goal! 37 races later, I’m so glad I took that first step.

Have you always wanted to run or walk a 5k? HERE’S A FREE CHANCE. I’m putting together a cute little 5k team for the Blueberry Boogie at Godfrey’s Farm in Sudlersville.

Race info: Saturday, June 19 @ 9:00 a.m. // 5k run OR walk

I have a FREE 5k training group set-up on facebook. Join here.

To make it even sweeter, I’m gifting ONE free race entry!

How to enter:

  • Join the FWA 5k Group
  • Comment on the 5k race giveaway post in the group
  • Be available to run OR walk the June 19 Blueberry Boogie 5k

That’s it!! If you have already registered, you’re still eligible to be part of the giveaway. You can be reimbursed for your race entry OR you can share your winning entry with a friend!

I’ll announce the WINNER on Thursday, May 6, 2021 @ 3:00 p.m. est.

I’m so excited to do this as a TEAM!

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Coffee Talk #231: Start Your Wellness Journey

It’s SPRING INTO ACTION time at FWA and I want to help you get moving this season.

Today’s topic: Getting Started on Your Wellness Journey

I’ve been a fitness professional for 12 years. At the beginning of my fitness career, I was mostly focused on the physical aspects of fitness and really into cardio. Over time, I started increasing knowledge of the human body, the systems, and got really into variety, strength, and helping people get comfortable with the idea that they DESERVE to feel good.

I think a lot about wellness and fitness and how they intertwine and how they are essentially the same thing. I love learning and incorporating all the knowledge I build into my fitness sessions and 1:1 time with clients. I love learning about INDIVIDUALS and helping them define success.

Here are my top 5 tips for moving that needle forward on your wellness journey:

  1. Define a goal

You’re more likely to be successful on your journey if you define it! Write down one goal, set a timeframe and work toward it.

  1. One thing at a time

Overloading causes stress and it’s unnecessary. Choose one thing to focus on at a time. Examples: drink 2-3 more cups of water a day, go to bed at 11 p.m., walk for 20 min a day…

  1. Enlist help

You are not alone. There are people who want to see you be successful (it is me; I am people). Surround yourself with energy and goal-driven folks. I love helping individuals define a goal and CRUSH it.

  1. Set a weekly affirmation

This is your guidance for the week. My best tip: set an affirmation and save it as a daily alarm on your phone (mine goes off daily at 4 p.m.). Examples: I am doing my best, I believe in my dreams, I am strong, I am in charge of my happiness…

  1. Every day for 3 weeks

Once you define that ONE thing, that ONE goal, do it every single day for 3 weeks. This builds it into your habits. SUCCESS comes from something you do daily. DAILY. You can do this.

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Coffee Talk #230: Build a Fitness Community

It’s SPRING INTO ACTION time at FWA and I want to help you get moving this season.

Today’s topic: Building a Fit Community

I’ve been a fitness professional for 12 years. In that time, I’ve taught classes at a variety of facilities and locations and to a wide group of individuals. One thing keeps it all together: connections.

My best classes are those with a group of people who are comfortable around each other, because of trust or a shared connection. In this past year, we’ve really created so many of those communities, because of a shared desire to have a connection to someone or something outside ourselves.

This time of year gets me thinking about fun group fitness. I love connecting people to local venues, local food, and to each other. I get so excited thinking about all of the connections formed because of fitness. We have these sweet little groups at each location and even new people joining all the time. It takes a village to create a loving environment and I feel like we’re in a sweet spot right now.

There’s literally never been a better time to jump into a group class. I love being able to offer classes in a variety of locations, even virtual, because it allows us an opportunity to create more and deeper connections.

  1. Try something new. Try a fitness class! Do a quick search on facebook for a local running group. Think about the goal – do you want a class? A run or walking group? A hiking group? There might already be a group to join. Do a quick local search. If there isn’t something, try to start one! I also try to be the new person in a class, too, to remind myself what it’s like to be the newbie. I’ve witnessed awesome, inviting groups, and some not so inviting groups. Each time, I’m learning ways to build a better environment for you. We’re in a sweet spot right now and there’s never been a better time to try a fitness class!
  1. Come early to chat with fellow participants in a class. It’s easy to run to the back row and cross your arms and try to blend with the walls. Don’t! Say hi to others. I know in the classes that I teach, you will be welcomed by the other participants. You might not have a choice to fade into the background! Ask tips for the class or what to expect from the other participants. My favorite go-to question “Is this somebody’s spot?!” It’s funny and cute and a great way to break the ice.
  1. Chat with the instructor. HI! We love to chat. Don’t be afraid to approach the instructor. We don’t always bite. I love getting to know new people!
  1. Be you – go all out. Don’t worry about how you look – and realize that some of the people in the class might have been coming for awhile, so they might know the moves. But guess what? You will know the moves in just a few classes, too. They were new at one point, too! If you’re really feeling a song or routine, GO ALL OUT. Don’t be afraid to be extra.
  1. Come back. This is key for creating a fitness community! You gotta show up but you also have to come back. When you return, you’ll start to get the groove of the music and the moves, you’ll start to learn people’s faces and names. And look – don’t be afraid to be like “hey what’s your name again?” or even ask the instructor someone’s name.

In addition to fun group fitness classes, I also offer several fit community building services.

I’ve been leading fitness classes since 2009 and keep adding services. Here’s what I offer and a few NEW items:

  1. Park group fitness classes I offer classes at Wilmer Park and special occasion classes at Queenstown Community Park. More parks to be added soon!
  1. Fitness Events at a variety of locations. I love combining fitness with local farms and other venues. A few fun locations: Red Acres, Lockbriar, Godfrey’s, Inn at Mitchell House, Wildly Native, Councell Farms, and NEW locations to be added soon!
  1. Small group classes – like bachelorette parties, corporate groups, birthday parties, sports teams, family sessions, teachers, and more. I come to your location and lead a private group class. I love this offering because the group gets so much closer! I’ve done everything from yoga to Zumba to sculpt to barre, and more. The sky is the limit!
  1. Virtual Fitness. Everything from small groups to individual video sessions, and more. I love having this offering and look forward to our monthly challenge groups.
  1. Personal Training. This is NEW in 2021 and only offered to a few individuals at a time—I want to make sure to give you time and individualized attention.I’m opening up 5 slots at the end of this month – set up a 1:1 consultation with me if you’re interested in working together on your goals. I can help with creating a goal, making plans, creating a specialized fitness plan, and connecting you to other needed services. It just takes that first step! Link in bio to schedule a 15 min discovery call.
  1. NEW! We’re putting together a 5k run team – the FWA Fitstars. Need motivation to get moving? Join the FWA Fitstars! Our first team event is the Blueberry Boogie 5k – run or walk at Godfrey’s Farm. I’m so excited to dig back into running and to work with you! I’ve created a FREE group on facebook for anyone who needs the motivation and discipline to train for this event. More events to follow!
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Coffee Talk #229: Meal Prep 101

It’s SPRING INTO ACTION time at FWA and I want to help you get moving this season.

Today’s topic: Meal Prep 101

Every Sunday for the past several years, I’ve spent time planning and prepping meals for the week. I love this routine.  

This time of year always gets me thinking about dusting off the routine. I love a good routine, but I also love to assess and tweak it as needed. Out with the old and in with the fresh!

In case you need a little extra spring in your step, I’ve compiled my top list of ways to get moving this season.

  1. Make a list.

If you don’t plan meals, start with planning a meal! Take inventory of what you have in your kitchen and what meals you’d like to eat for the week. Plan your meals based on your schedule – need extra energy? Have a busy week or season and just want to keep on track with nutrition?

  1. Start small.

It can be overwhelming to think about prepping ALL the meals for the week. Start small. Plan one item that can cover two meals. Prep 2-3 days. Plan for leftovers that you can use for lunches. Or, focus on just one meal a day.

  1. Keep it simple.

Gourmet meals are not necessary for daily and weekly fuel. Start with something small. Easy ideas: rotisserie chicken, large salads or casseroles that can be divided into 4-5 servings.

  1. Prep what you will eat.

This sounds simple but tends to be the most overlooked part of meal prepping. Instead of prepping what you think you should be eating, it’s important to prep what you will eat. If you’re looking to change what you eat based on goals, work with a registered dietician. If you have a health care plan, you probably have access to a RD and you might not know it! Check with your provider. If not, there are awesome RDs in your area who would get giddy to work with you.

  1. Start with what tools you have.

It’s easy to worry about having all the ‘best’ equipment, but plan to start with the equipment you have. I started with disposable plastic containers that I got for $6 at Target. Now, I use glass pyrex containers and silicone baking cups. I prefer glass with a good seal because it keeps items fresh for longer, but start with what you have and build your equipment as you go.

  1. Support local/eat seasonally.

This is a big one for me. I like fresh food that tastes good, and local is the way to go. I love to support local farms and even host fitness events at farms because I’m so excited about the fresh food options. In many cases, not only does your food taste better when it’s in season, it can even be better on the wallet.

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Coffee Talk #228: Get Moving this Season

It’s SPRING INTO ACTION time at FWA and I want to help you get moving this season.

Today’s topic: Move your Body

It’s SPRING! This season is full of hope, promise, sunshine, and more. I love brighter colors, cleaning spaces, more light, and the opportunity to grow. I love feeling refreshed and renewed in all aspects of life, including movement.

This time of year always gets me thinking about dusting off the routine. I love a good routine, but I also love to assess and tweak it as needed. Out with the old and in with the fresh!

In case you need a little extra spring in your step, I’ve compiled my top list of ways to get moving this season.

  1. Don’t let PERFECT be the enemy of STARTING.

You’re not going to nail the workout on the first try. One of my least favorite things is expectations of perfection. I have those beliefs, too, but have learned that fitness is a practice. You get better by doing it.

We’re all a beginner at some point, and I like to stay fresh by trying new things, to remind myself that many of my clients are making such a huge leap in taking that first step to come to class, to join a group, or to even reach out and ask a question. It’s going to be messy, get messier, and then it’s going to be good. Real good. Fight through the messy middle and you’ll get where you want to be with fitness.

  1. Start with 5 minutes.

I’m loving the vibe of my 14-day virtual groups with 5-minute workouts. Just 5 minutes! You can really make such a difference in your day, mindset, and outlook with just 5 minutes of focused work. And eventually, 5 minutes can lead to 10, to 20, and before you know it, you’re rockin’ 60 minute workouts if that’s your jam.

  1. Make it entertaining.

Fitness should be fun. It should bring energy, it should be uplifting. I’m not saying every class will be a magic show, but I work really hard to keep things fresh and to make sessions super fun. Even though the best workouts are the ones you will do (and the consistent kind), find a way to make it entertaining. Jazz up your music, invite a pal to work with you, make a game of it with your dog or kid – if it’s not fun, you’ll drop it.

  1. One thing at a time.

I love goals. I love to help others create and crush their goals. But you will find yourself quitting super quick if you try too much at once. Choose one thing, focus your energy on that, and then move to the next one when you are ready. But trying to add a workout every day, eat vegetables, drink water, and get great sleep all at once will become frustrating if it’s not already your practice. Choose one thing. Then choose another.

  1. Schedule your workouts.

This is the secret sauce. For a dentist appointment or a meeting with your accountant, you might request time off work, or you plan your day around these important check-ups. Do the same for fitness.

Literally add it to your calendar (which is one of the reasons I started using calendly for classes – since it lets you add your classes right to the calendar). Treat your workouts like an appointment that you cannot miss. You deserve this.

  1. Start with walking.

Not sure which workout is best for you? Start simple. Get outside and walk. Try 10 minutes, then slowly increase it a few minutes each day until you reach the desired length (aim for 30 min/day eventually). Walking is free, it can be as high or low impact as you’d like, and you can even do it with friends or family.

I live for my daily walks with my dog, my pod-and-walk routine, and my walking dates with friends. Walking will boost your mood, it can give you the opportunity to spend time outside, and you can make it as short or long as you’d like. It’s even something you can do indoors if necessary.

  1. Consistency is everything.

If there’s one thing you take away from this list, let it be that consistency is key. In order to make changes in your life, you have to change the daily routine. You have to write it down and make it happen every single day.

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Coffee Talk #227 – 3 Tips to Spring Clean Mind & Body

It’s SPRING-CLEANING time at FWA and I want to get into all of those spaces!

Today’s topic: Mind & Body

This is a BIG topic and could cover so many things. I could talk about drinking water, adding movement to the day, adequate sleep, or eating leafy greens, but I share those topics all the time. Instead, I want to focus on a few key ingredients that have helped me grow into my own skin and find success.

I like hard, meaningful work that produces results. If you’re looking for a secret cleanse or easy path or pill, this isn’t the place. I’m about grit, hard work, big ideas, focus, flow, and energy.

I want to focus on three key elements: environment, rituals, and the One Thing.

Even before tackling these three topics, it’s important to assess. What’s your goal? What’s your intent? What would make you feel confident, strong, grounded? What things are distracting you or are you even sabotaging yourself?

Make notes when you’re happy, sad, thrilled, anxious – where are you? Are you with anyone? What’s the weather like? What season is it? Keeping a daily journal and reviewing entries with mindfulness is an excellent place to start.

When you’re ready with a clear goal in your mind, or a clear outcome, here are my top ingredients for ‘spring cleaning’ your mind and body:

  1. Environment.

This includes both physical space and also your immediate network of individuals and groups.

The biggest task is to create a space and protect it with boundaries. Your time and your energy are important and it’s key to learn who and what will waste both of these. Spend less time with them. Focus on filling your cup and space with people who will support you and direct good energy around you and toward you. There’s no more time for energy vampires.

For me, this involves walking barefoot on the fresh spring grass, working hands in the dirt, soaking up sunshine, and watching a sunrise and sunset.

and building overall awareness of yourself and your space.

  1. Rituals.

These are sacred and should be yours and meaningful to you. Beyond brushing teeth or applying retinol cream each day, these are the actions and functions that allow you to be the human you desire.

I have a few precious rituals that I protect—morning coffee and creation time, Sunday planning and prep, a daily walk with my pup, and weekly date night with husband. Beyond these typical weekly tasks, we’ve created a few annual rituals that we love to build and own: travel during specific holidays, home projects, keeping a travel scrapbook, and time working on an exciting new project that I’ll share soon.

Decide what’s most valuable and important to you and create opportunities in your day and week to make sure these items get the time and attention they deserve.

  1. The One Thing.

There’s one thing that you do, one energy that you bring, one action that sets you apart from others. It’s possible you’ve yet to discover it—I only discovered my ‘thing’ one year ago, after 12 years of having a business and working every day.

Once you discover your thing, it’s time to put at least 80% of your energy into it. It might take a lot of projects and energy to discover the magic, but it’s there.

Here’s are some ways to discover your Thing: is there an idea or a project you can’t stop thinking about, even when you’re working on something else? Have you heard from people ‘wow, you’re so good at this’ and it’s something that made you feel good? I’d start here. Nothing comes to mind? Keep your eyes and ears open for something that sparks your interest.

My biggest piece of advice here is not to copy someone else—it’s obvious and it doesn’t look good on you to wear someone else’s ideas and visions.

I love sharing this kind of energy, and it’s the kind of work I want to share 1:1 and in small groups and workshops. I believe everyone has the capability to live their best life, to be confident, and to feel refreshed and full of energy. You deserve to feel good.

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Coffee Talk #226: Spring Clean Your Workspace

It’s SPRING CLEANING time at FWA and I want to get into all of those spaces!

Today’s topic: Clean your Workspace

This past year, more people have worked from home. As a result, any space – kitchen table, countertop, dining room table—has transformed into a workspace. I have a designated office space in my home, and even I have made use of every available space in our house, including the front porch and the back deck.

While I love the flexibility of being able to move around my home to complete work tasks, it’s important to designate one space for focus and work. There’s a better chance for productivity and a greater chance for flow when there’s one specific spot for work in the home.

I have three office spaces—my office at the school, my home office, and my fitness ‘office’ which is really my studio. I have different uses and reasons for using each space, which helps to

A cluttered workspace leads to a cluttered mind. An organized workspace looks more inviting and will motivate you to get to work. Giving this process a little energy can breathe life into your work. The changes don’t even have to be big—even some small shifts can make a big difference.

An organized office can:

  • Help with productivity
  • Boost your mood
  • Provide positive impressions for colleagues

Spring cleaning can mean refreshing a space OR even declaring and designating a new space. With this in mind, I have some tips for spring cleaning a workspace:

  • Designate the space.

While it’s great to have options, the best thing for focus is to designate one space for work. As I mentioned, I love having flexibility in my home to work in any space, and sometimes the change of scenery is really needed. But the reality is that flow and the most productive time happens when you can go to a designated space. Declare your space for work if you haven’t done so already!

  • Consider Workflow.

Paramount to a successful office is the workflow capability. It’s great to have a beautiful space, but is it functional? If everything matches but all of the tools you need are buried in a bookshelf or deep in a desk drawer – you’re so not going to use that space for work! Think about your main 3-4 tasks each day and consider the items you need to accomplish those tasks. Need quick access to a charging station? Need access to your colorful markers and pens for planning? Need easy access to a printer? Consider these items when creating your space.

  • Dust and Sanitize.

Move everything off the space and CLEAN it. Really clean, not just use a dry towel. You can choose whatever cleaner or sanitizer makes you happy. I love something with a fresh orange or lemon scent. As you put items back onto your desk or in your space, wipe them off, too.

Consider cleaning windows, lights/lamps, filing cabinets, shelves, baseboards – everything. You’ll be able to feel such a difference by just deep cleaning the space.

  • Choose a color or mood.

Spring gives me all the vibes to refresh my space and choose a new color scheme or theme. Since we just moved last year, I’m not updating the theme (since it’s still so new). Instead, I’m focusing on updating some of the accents in my space – new picture frames, new plants, new pattern for my agenda and laptop sleeve, and more.

Feed the senses. I always recommend a bright color or a fun pattern (used sparingly), complementary colors (blue & orange is my favorite combination), and items that make you happy. Choose a lovely photo of your family, significant other, or pet, or add plants to your spaces.

I also love to select a new scent for my diffuser each season.

  • Less is more.

This is key. It’s super easy to junk up a space, to build clutter, to have too many things on the desk. After clearing everything off the desk (see item #3), consider each item individually before placing it back on the desk or shelf. Do you really need this item? Does it go with your office colors or theme? Is it there for sentimental reasons? I find that I keep things on my workspaces for the silliest reasons and don’t really need them on my desk to be productive.

Keep the desk cleared. Purchase shelves for the knickknacks.

  • Go Up.

Instead of piling items on the desk or on top of a filing cabinet, consider adding shelves, a bulletin board, a dry erase board, or even pegboard. Consider the wall spaces. I love a good floating shelf to hold items and keep them off my workspace.

  • Ditch the desk tray.

If you provide a space for papers to collect, they will collect. It’s that simple! By ditching paper trays in my office, I now either file important papers or toss them. I don’t keep post it notes or papers on my desk for too long. If I write a task on a post-it note, it has to be completed by the end of the day or the week. There’s no room for messy papers in your clean and fresh space! This will also help you become more productive – you have to complete the tasks on the paper so you can toss it.

  • Cord management is key.

Confession: I didn’t realize this was a thing until I got married and moved into a space with my husband. He’s the NEATEST person ever when it comes to tech. All cords have ties, they are neatly tucked away, he even will go into the attic and drop cords down so they can be inside the wall instead of all over the shelves or floor.

I appreciate this so much. One of the biggest space wasters are those cords! I keep mine coiled in my desk when not in use, since my desk is in the middle of my office and not near the wall. But other cords? They are tied, tacked to the wall, or neatly coiled.

I swear this is the easiest thing to make your desk feel cleaner. Cords get jumbled and collect dust and it’s the actual worst. Clean up the cords and you’ll appreciate your space so much more!

  • Refresh supplies.

This isn’t just about purchasing new markers and pens and office supplies – but it can be if that’s your jam. This is a good time to test your markers and pens, make sure you have staples in your stapler, change the photo on your desk to a newer one, and more.

Use any of these tips to refresh your workspace and give it a great spring cleaning! What other tips would you share?

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